Manpower Supply Services

Alpha Engineering International deploy mid to high level technical, operational and managerial professionals to companies in the local and International Oil and Gas Industry for positions consistent with the long term best interest of its clients.

We meet our clients’ needs by offering a tailored and competitive services due to a huge database of highly qualified professionals, skilled multidisciplinary manpower.

We Provide

We provide a full manpower services to Oil & Gas Companies. This covers:

  • Project Management
  • Cost estimation and control
  • Document control
  • Topographic study
  • As built preparation
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Construction assistance
  • Quality Assurance / control
  • Pre-commissioning activities
  • Commissioning activities
  • Start-up assistance
  • Expertise
  • Operation activities
  • Maintenance
  • Administration

We offer different profiles in the Oil and Gas Industry, ranging from experienced Project Managers to skilled labors, this includes:

  • Planning Engineers
  • Project Engineers / Managers
  • Topographic technicians
  • Design Engineers
  • Discipline engineers (electrical, mechanical, safety, instrumentation, process, civil and structural)
  • Construction Operators / Engineers / Managers
  • Commissioning Managers / Coordinators
  • QA/QC Engineers and Managers
  • HSE Engineers / Trainers / Managers
  • Operations & Maintenance Operators / technicians / Engineers / Manager
  • Cost controllers
  • Documents controllers
  • Inspectors
  • Supervisors